IP Witelist for a web domain

Hi. let’s say I have a website: example.com which, for security reasons, I only want to allow access to a small handful of people. They’ll give me their public IP addresses and I’ll add them to a white list.

Can anyone advise if there’s a wayto do this in Hestia? Maybe there’s a way to do this int he DNS records? All my research points to blacklisting some IP addresses on the server’s firewall, I not only want to create a whitelist (not a black list) but I want it only for one domain/DNS zone on the server, not the entire server.

Many thanks

.htaccess allow deny from ip. For examples please refer to google.

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Didn’t know .htaccess could be used to do things like that. Thanks, I’ll give it a try

Great, it worked. Thanks for the help. I inserted the following to my .htaccess file:

#Start Whitelist
order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from
#End Whitelist