IPv6 support in Hestia

Does Hestia already support ipv6, or do you have plans to? If so, what’s the expected timeline on it?

Not yet,

Planned for an future version but no set date. Feel free to contribute on it :slight_smile:

Hello. How long wait for Ipv6 implement in future release? Thanks

No release time yet, also no eta.

Thanks for the answer. What can we count on? Will the function be implemented at all? I found the free brainycp control panel, but it only works under CentOS, which I don’t really want to use. Does it make sense to wait?

It’s for sure on the list, i started already the work on a branch. But we do not provide any release date or timeframe, because we all work on 100% jobs beside hestia. We dont want to give out any date we cant hold, makes you angry and provides stress for us :slight_smile:.


Just as a workaround, and not an exact answer to your question, what I did and maybe it can work in your scenario:
I have installed Hestia, and then I put IPv4+IPv6 Load Balancer in front of it. For me there was a reason doing that, but in your case you can just enable it only for IPv6…


This totally makes sense. Thank you!