Is it necessary to install Hestia API?

hi, I’m new to HestiaCP and it is my first time installing Hestia.
On Hestia’s Install page, I found “Hestia API” in configure options. Is it necessary to install this?
Also I found “Force Installation”, I am really not sure about these.

Hi @zach,

Depends on how you will use Hestia. If you are going to integrate Hestia with an external billing system, synchronize records on an Hestia DNS cluster or use Database Single Sign On, then you will need it installed.

My recommendation is to install it, you can always disable it later if you are not going to use it.

--force option will force some actions during the installation, like, remove without asking a user and group admin if it already exists, continue installation even if the netplan configuration directory is empty, etc.

So, don’t use --force during install at least you have issues installing Hestia and even then. come here and ask about those issues before forcing the installation.


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