Is it possible to install Litespeed in hesticp?

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And I have also covered it extensively here;

And Also here

It took lots of customizations on Nginx just to make it work. But for LiteSpeed all I did is just enable php caching.

@ScIT ~ With CyberPanel, LiteSpeed becomes a beast.

That is true. But it has a ZERO DOWNTIME graceful restart. I have stress tested this and nothing happens to the website when you restart it.

As already linked to the reddit discussion above, this page is not a stable source for this discussion. Following reddit user did some testing:

It has also been discussed above, that nginx needs to be tuned in some cases or for special (high usage) projects.

The discussions on reddit, the website you’ve linked in your first post, all doesnt make (open)litespeed “trustfull”. Glad you made some testing work and published it, I’ll for sure take some time to check it.

But for now, it’s still the same; an integration of openlitespeed isnt planed.

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People are just out here trying to discredit OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed. But the best way to find out is try it yourself.

Even it it it’s not planed, give it a try and compare the results.

The good thing about OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed is you don’t need to break the bank to have a high performance server.

And it can also save you time as HestiaCP developers. LiteSpeed is built to work straight out of the box. You hardly need any optimizations to work.

With Nginx, you’ll need to spend lots of time to fine tune it.

Discredit with facts? At least in the reddit post, there are a lot of testing and proof reports around.

We do not ship nginx hardly modified, if you really have 2500 concurrent (real) connections, you know how to adjust nginx. There are a few news pages hosted on hestia which are highly optimised, maybe @alex is interrested to share some samples.

I have picked one and it’s no different from http2benchmark results. And that is something that was done in 2019. You should check how aggressive LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed are right now.

The best way to find out is spare some time and give it a try.

Last time I checked in combination with lite speed I had slightly worse performance for Litespeed + Cyberpanel vs Hestia + Nginx

  1. Nginx is already working and need no adjustment Openlight speed need everything developed from the ground up.

  2. Adding a new websever will increase the time we need to spend on testing and this time we don’t have.

If you want to invest the time required for implement please create a fork and rename it to something else and work on it. Then you will see how much work it will it is.

We don’t want to add it and we don’t have the time available for it. If you don’t like it use a different panel or build your own…

I rest my case…

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No one has said that you add it. I have already acknowledged the response by @ScIT where he state that there are no plans to add it. So calm down…no need to rest anything.

I was just stating that it runs over Nginx like nothing.

I’m yet to try out Hestia. I was just checking it out then I came across this thread. I would want to install it and do a comparison using the same server (I have rented a couple of them from Contabo).

I’ll do it over the weekend and share the results.

I am very interested in having a look at your results but only out of curiosity.

For now, I am happy with my panel and I don’t mind if the webserver is nginx or litespeed.

My clients are happy with the system as is. I could benefit from some improvements but I don’t need them that bad.

Although I would love to have the option to choose to use litespeed, I understand that the hestia project needs to stay very focused and my pain point is not the server performance or a better cost-effectiveness ratio.

I would rather have other features released that I really need if I want to scale my project.

That’s so true. It’s important to stay focused otherwise they might lose track of everything. And like the good old saying goes, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

I’m also eager to see how it performs. I’m always looking for better alternatives to CyberPanel. And if Hestia is the answer, I won’t hesitate to jump ship.

I will make follow up results probably at the weekend.

We don’t need extra work with supporting 2 different web servers. One of our main reason why we stopped supporting Apache in stand alone mode…

You don’t pay our salaries so we can still spend our time how we want… Adding lite speed is for us a simple no go…