Is it possible to install Litespeed in hesticp?

It’s posible that, que or not

Hi @Edgg

No, Hestia doesnt support litespeed, also we do currently not have plans to support it (at least yet).

if this is implemented, hestia will be simply divine, because litespeed is a great server!

Do you have any docs what would be better than using nginx? Performance, security?

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OpenLiteSpeed requires a restart to load any new .htaccess file.

For 1 or 2 sites its maybe fine but if you have 100 clients this could be a problem…


There are a lot of discussions on reddit, which doesnt sound positive for litespeed, I think the most important one is that here:

@Amney Do you have any trustful benchmark tests about litespeed? Any additional informations? According to the available informations I found until now, it doesnt look like we would implement litespeed.

I use a web host that was shared that used lightspeed. It actually worked very well for a very long time. I could run a heavy WordPress install no problems. I finally did out grow the shared and moved to Digitalocean. Openlitespeed could be a great addition as an Apache alternative. It can be used as a drop-in replacement.

I know I hear a lot of bad things about it I see them in forums and redit but it really is blazing fast. The only reason I’m easy Hestia and not cyber panel with litespeed is cause cyber panel stinks.

But with Hestia as a control panel I’d definitely go back to litespeed.

I still have the account for the shared lightspeed hosting until November. If any of the developers of Hestia wanted to try out litespeed let me know and I can make you a second login to go and install and play with it.

Also the litespeed shared hosting have much more freedom then others. I could install almost anything in console even stuff you normally can’t install on shared. as long as it didn’t need a root and could be installed as a user.

There are a few limits in openlitespeed, the posts on reddit, and the fact of missing (transparent) benchmarks. As far as I can see in the thread I linked above, it isnt really faster than nginx in combination with php fpm. So I don’t see any sense to invest time for a litespeed integration.

It’s vastly Superior to Apache. But it’s much easier then Nginx. It’s a great middle ground for intermediates. Also works better then Nginx on very low end hardware. But on better hardwear nginx still has an advantage.

The one thing I noticed that gives it an advantage is it’s very low ram usage. all things the same it always uses less ram than the other two.

It has its own control panel. It would be easy to integrate as a you just need to have it installed and not have nginx or Apache install. And just add a link to the controls panel. Mail and dns by Hestia and webserver PHP by litespeed control panel.

Apache is know to be hungry for memory and slow as ***

How ever the main cause for this is still the default config for prefork instead event.

Also with the use of the “proxy/caching” system Nginx in caching mode and the prermance is there allready

I have wordpress site with “Apache” only mode only handle 500 users.

After enabling Nginx in Caching mode it can handle 3000 users without any issue and I think the limit is not there…

It doesn’t matter if what kind of server software you use. It does matter how you are able to cache it…

“Litespeed” advertise it self as 1 on 1 replacement for Apache how ever the same performance can be reached with software like Varnish, Nginx and maybe apache…


With the reasons I already wrote above and the additional parts @eris wrote, I would like to write it once again clear: We do not implement openlitespeed.

We can redecide this, infact we will get additional informations in form of transparent (!) and valid (!) benchmark tests.

Also as additional information: Event will be used as default with the release of 1.2.0, there is also a manual migration script available.

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The reason I left my hosting provider and went to my own server is because they were running litespeed and continously stated they did not have issues with the web server. When users around the world could screen record how slow it was or did not load at all, they claimed it was the internet connection. Malaysia, India, Canada, U.S., Hong Kong, and U.K. all had issues with it loading. “It’s your internet connection.”


That sounds more like a bad hosting company. Nginx is the fastest. But litespeed in my experience is the best on shared hosting. Or very very low end vps

Just have to repeat myself:

But feeling isnt either valid nor transparent :slight_smile:, no offens of course!

I have tried both Apache / Nginx and Openlitespeed (Both had been optimised). Apache / Nginx worked faster for me, you just have to tune it with caching, brotli / pagespeed / varnish or other modules.

You have Panel + OLS / LS Panel + SSH compared to Panel + SSH, even the open source panel for OLS (have used as well) does not integrate many of the basic features such as adding additional IP address or setting SSL ciphers.

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i have a litespeed server not being used you welcome to test it

Hi @djav1985

Still the same as written above:

@ScIT ~ I just had to register to give you a response about what you’re asking. Here’s a test that compares Nginx and Litespeed side by side on the same server type.

The best way to find out is do the test yourself. You will need a server that’s 3X powerful to match the performance of Litespeed using Nginx.

This is something that I have done over and over and proven it to be valid.