Thanks for supporting Apache & Nginx (not Litespeed)

I came to say thank you for HestiaCP supporting open source community web servers, that is Apache and Nginx specifically. I saw the Litespeed trolls came here to criticize you…

Not only did Hestia become open source but also supporting other open source servers. That is exactly how the community can integrate with each other.

Something like Cyberpanel only focused on Litespeed and now they are b*tch of Litespeed and trying to sell affiliate premium licenses… that will just destroy your ethics and reputation so fast.

In the other thread the trolls are linking to the same fake benchmark that Redditors already exposed was secretly published by Litespeed Technologies with FastCGI cache disabled on the Nginx server to make the performance seem horrible… incredibly dishonest…

cPanel (Oakley) already acquired Plesk… what happens if they acquire more like DirectAdmin? The internet is getting less options than before when talking about open source.

We are lucky to have ethical projects like Hestia that value open source and transparency, and not only caring about secret agreements with Litespeed for $$$