Is the modular package system still in the plans?

I have seen this comment (Remove or diable apache at all - #2 by ScIT), as I am just planning to do a resinstatalation to fix some things in the setup that I don’t need, the question is that the hestiacp server in particular is more than 3TB of data so it is something I would prefer to avoid, for that reason out of curiosity and as the title says the modular system is still in the plans?

It is on the to do list but not currently active working.

What do you don’t need?

Well, quite a few things, remove apache, vsftpd, proftpd, exim, dovecot, sieve, clamav, spamassassin, and installing postgresql, I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything.

If it is something that is in your to do list, maybe I should wait, I am not sure if it is worth all the effort to redo everything, this modular system, it would be similar to how you enable and disable php versions now?

Remove Apache2:

Remove: Exim / Dovecot / spamassassin /ClamAV

VSFTPD: Just remove vsftp


install postgresql + follow the steps…


Thank you very much @eris, I didn’t know these scripts were in the repo, they are a great resource, until there is a web ui to handle this. Honestly, I don’t like using scripts because of how unpredictable they can be in some environments (especially if they are very long, which is not the case), but they have worked very well.

As a detail reviewing the Nginx templates of the apps, in a Nextcloud instance, I’ve been forced to use the OwnCloud template, as I had the pressure to fix it quickly, it seems to work correctly, but it caught my attention that Nextcloud being one of the quick install apps, doesn’t have a template, it should be there and it’s something on my side?

It should use the Owncloud template

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