Is the opportune to disable incoming emails?

i have [email protected] account. This account use only for sending. How i can refuse all incoming emails?


I thinkt when you turn on “Discard all mail” on the mail address settings it will delete all incomming mail.

User → Mail → Domain → Mail address

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I think the same about this. But it wont work as expected

It still accepts them but then should delete them directly…

It doesn’t reject them…

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You can create a file like /etc/exim4/reject_rcpts and include there the mail address you want to reject, like [email protected]

Then edit exim4 conf file /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template and add this to acl_check_rcpt section:

  deny    message       = Recipient not allowed
          recipients    = /etc/exim4/reject_rcpts

It should look like this:

  accept  hosts         = :

  deny    message       = Recipient not allowed
          recipients    = /etc/exim4/reject_rcpts

# Limit per email account for SMTP auhenticated users
  deny    message       = Email account $authenticated_id is sending too many emails - rate overlimit = $sender_rate / $sender_rate_period


Restart exim4 and test it.

systemctl restart exim4

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