Is there a way to integrate varnish in Hestia?

I am just wondering if there is a way to integrate varnish in Hestia?

I am not a Linux god so go easy on me.

Hello John,

Varnish issn’t currently supported with in Hestia. If you still want to add it you will have to look up some tutorials on the internet.

Personally I use Nginx “proxy” cache for it an my experience with it are good. How ever if you have Nginx installed as stand alone it will not help you. I am currently working on a pull request / feature to add fast cgi cache support for Nginx standalone to Hestia. How ever it will take more then a few days…

It is currently planned for 1.3.2


Sounds good I use fast-CGI on my IIS server. I am just looking at Varnish as there is a setting in WP Rocket cache plugin for it.

Do you know when Hestia will support CentOS, I here that is in the works. I am also wondering why no CentOS, is it a performance thing? I am just a CentOS guy.

Development for Centos is still in progress and going steadily how ever. no release date is known.