Is there any way or even possible to Use Cloudflare SSL in Hestia?

I’m new to Hestia and everything is going smoothly except for setting up SSL. Since I rely on Cloudflare, I need to install Cloudflare SSL in Hestia. I’ve checked a lot of online threads about this issue, but most of them are outdated and none have worked for me so far.

Is there anyone who has successfully set up Cloudflare SSL in Hestia recently? Could you please share the steps or any updated resources that might help?


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Tried with the following instruction. Does not show any error in the time of update. It says all setting are saved. But when I reload there is no ssl.

Can I use a Cloudflare Origin CA SSL Certificate?
Create an Origin CA certificate by following these steps.
Once generated, enter your SSL keys in the Edit Web Domain page.
In the SSL Certificate Authority / Intermediate box, enter this certificate.
In Cloudflare’s SSL/TLS tab, switch over to Full (strict).

Do you mean to set up the SSL for the control panel login?
You need to use the following ports that support SSL by Cloudflare

  • 443
  • 2053
  • 2083
  • 2087
  • 2096
  • 8443
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I am using 2053 for control panel with letsencript.

But i want cf ssl for entire domain with wild card.


Here are some steps to setting up cloudflare ssl in the hestia control panel.
first; log in to your hestia control panel.
then click on the link to activate cloudflare ssl.
then choose cloudflare as your ssl provider.
Enter your cloudflare api key.
then click on save.

We don’t have a possiblity to link Cloduflare via API . So I wonder how you do it?

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So, is there any way around to use cf ssl !

When you say use Cloudflare SSL, are you asking about the use of a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on your HestiaCP server? You should be able to use one. Direct connections that do not route through the Cloudflare proxy should show an unknown issuer warning since the Cloudflare Origin CA is only trusted by the Cloudflare proxy.

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Not working.