Is this correct way?

Some clients uses external mail services like gmail, oficce365 but also want to use server for some webform’s mails sending. And they also create mail account on server.
So I have to create route in exim.conf like :

driver = manualroute
domains =
transport = remote_smtp
route_list = *

To tell exim use external smtp for real mail account delivery. Is there an easier way of this? In directadmin panel, I was simply uncheck “Use this server mail account system”

Delete the mail domain on your server and it should work fine

As I wrote, they also use server for mail send only. So I can not delete it. There must be mail account created for mail deliveries.

You don’t need an email account for sending email via contact form. As long the sending server has the correct spf records this should be fine.


But it is not the question here :))

What I would do:
a) Use external SMTP server with your form. If your website runs wordpress it is fine and there are lots of plugins.
b) install exim as usual. Configure DNS spf records and send directly your email through the external server.

If you want your users to create their mailboxes in Hestia and then again in outlook 365… They can, but it is nonsense.