Is this email setup ok?


I have one domain with my website + email on Hestia. I want to add another domain. My first domain is setup with standard dns:

A record for mail to IP

mx record for

For my second domain, I put at my registrar, 1&1, “MX” record and then I made an A record to point to mail.

A record to mail and my Hestia server IP
mx priority 10

Someone said this is not a good setup? Should I make a second mx record, do I need a slave to host it at another location? Please advise.

Hi @Aeeu

I think there is some knowledge missing about how a dns zone usualy looks, please checkout the default dns zone file hestia usualy uses and make the needed records accordingly:

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you linked? Its the template :o?

I just want to know if it’s ok to use (Hestia) in my registrars MX field, to point my new domain, someone said it’s not good because mail.domain(.)com is not the right mx record but I see it has mx in front of it in DNS zone? And how to add for redundancy.

Yes you can.

just add A record for
Keep in mind you should have PTR records set for all IP that deal with email .

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Do PTR records matter if the email domain is not associated with the IP-domain PTR record?

And for the mx2 record doesn’t it need to be a different IP address for redundancy? I want to set it up with my extra VPS I have that I have Hestia installed on for nameserver server backup. I can’t find any documentation on this.