Is this normal? SSH Access reset


Yesterday, I granted my user account ssh access. Worked great. This morning I couldn’t log in. I found the user had been reset to nologin. Is this normal?


I’ve never seen it before, are you sure that there was no rollback of a backup / snapshot or something like that?

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Thanks for the reply.

There was no rollback/reset/snapshot intentionally performed by me. Everything else remained as I left it, just the login setting had changed. Weird.

It’s still working 24 hours after the original post, so maybe the aliens/ghosts/faeries have chosen to torment someone else. Once again, thanks.

I know it happens if you change it via CLI / v-change-user-shell and the change the package

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Thanks for the reply.

I haven’t fiddled with anything like that.

Just checking the logs (sorry, I’m still working out what is what). I had changed the shell, and it was changed back. I found this:

Package limits applied to user (Package: default, User: xxx).
User SSH shell changed (Shell: nologin, User: xxx).
Package limits updated (Name: default).

These all happen at the same time.