Is Ubuntu 24.04 supported in version 1.90?

Is Ubuntu 24.04 supported in version 1.90?

its planed to be supported, but 1.90 is not released yet.

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so far it doesnt look “that bad”:

When is version 1.90 expected to be released? Thank you!

we do not provide any release date, it will follow as soon as it is done. But due to the changes, it will give a 1.9.0~alpha and beta for sure before any stable release.

I just got a few new VPS delivered during the overlap time of old VPS being deactivated in few months time. I installed LTS 24 on it.

Is the 1.9.0~alpha available somewhere? Then, I could test it. I couldn’t find anything on Github. Most likely this should be in the making and not yet available publicly for testing. However, asking was merely wanted to check it out …