Issues after upgrade from 1.3.5 to 1.4.1

Everything went fine, here’s the log:

Now the problem is when I add new domain, sometimes it displays the content, sometimes (on another reload) displays Success! Your server is ready to use. Also it won’t detect .htaccess file.

I’ve did

cp -f /usr/local/hestia/install/deb/nginx/nginx.conf /etc/nginx/
systemctl restart nginx

but I still have the problem.

Update nginx + Y instead of N?

I’ve used N both times.

@eris is the bug on panels side with update?

+1 but for me after update it works ok few days, and today i had to reboot server. Now all my domains show


Your new web server is ready to use.


fixed by renaming nginx.conf.dpkg-old to nginx.conf - and restart nginx

Then you replaced the old config with the new config from nginx…

I don’t know I haven’t seen any issues yet with this problem. Except for users replacing their Nginx.conf with the new nginx update

i think i have replaced new one with backup of old one - in new one i didnt have
include /etc/nginx/modules-enabled/*.conf;
and it was realy small size file, dont know why

Can we get 1.3.5 version again (of the panel)?

There is no need for a rollback, we will ship tomorrow another version with some fixes - but they are not directly related to your issue. Still the same issues as you described in your first post? Anything in the logs?

I’ve deleted that VM. Btw. the hosting packages name can’t be edited, even if we copy that default one (default > default-copy). But that’s another problem.

I’m using Hestia from start, and my fav is 1.3.5.

You can create a new package, but not rename default - this is by design. Have you installed a new server? Any issues with 1.4.1 on it?

I’ve installed for fun today 1.4.1 and I saw problems:

  1. When you copy default package, you will get default-copy but you can’t rename that copy.
  2. Iptables won’t start after reboot
  3. Add domain interface is horrible (in my eyes), we can’t create directly Lets’Encrypt, so we need to add domain, then do a edit to make Lets’Encrypt.

If I see something else, I will let you know. My suggestion is more bug fixes, less features. As you are not commercial project with thousands of dollars backed (I guess).

There is already group of people that are loving this panel, but with every update it’s more unstable.

1.3.5 was perfect, you should have just fixed bugs and wait till new software comes to update it (that’s guy from myVesta doing).

Is already fixed in main branch, will be released tomorrow.

Please open a bug report on github.

The add domain part has been made easier, we can discuss to bring back more features like aliases, but due to the design for letsencrypt cert generation on new created domains, removing the option was the right way to go.

We’re not vesta, we’re aswell not myvesta. Please have a look at the changelog - you “just” stopped like hestia due to 1 potential bug, 1 design change and 1 fixed bug - please see the changelog and we can discuss further, there was a hell of work done with this release. Expect that we made again the same mistake and shipped it “to late”, so it was a to bug build.

Also, issues were not related to new features, more to reworks in codebase which were absolutely needed. And of course, we’re a 2 billion Dollar project - just kidding, we do all in our free time, with nearly zero income…


Sorry for being a Karen :smiley: , but every product (project) has it’s own fan base. I’m a fan of Hestia, that’s why I should take a Snickers now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  1. Iptables was indeed an huge bug and it shouldn’t never happen. Even worse the the patch that should solve the bug was was even working but not applied to 1 of the 2 scripts it was actually used.

It was a bug in VestaCP for ages only one line of code triggered the error for real. It will be fixed with a release tomorrow.

When you copy default package, you will get default-copy but you can’t rename that copy.

I think there is all ready an open issue for it.

I opened it

Yeah! That’s me complaining about Hestia and asking for new features to beat CPanel and Plesk. :wink:

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