Issues with DKIM and Email Alias

Hello community, I’m encountering difficulties with configuring DKIM and Email Alias, and I would greatly appreciate any help:
1/ How to set the default DKIM key to be 2048 bits instead of 1024 bits
I’ve found two methods to achieve this, but both are somewhat inconvenient:

2/ How to create multiple Email Aliases via the command line?
I’ve tried several different command variations but none worked

  • v-add-mail-account-alias user test alias1 alias2
  • v-add-mail-account-alias user test alias1,alias2
  • v-add-mail-account-alias user test alias1;alias2

If someone could provide clear instructions on how to address these issues, I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you, everyone!

Default is already 2048 bits but it needs to be enabled seperatly …

v-add-mail-domain user mydomain.tld no no yes should be enough…

For aliasses

v-add-mail-account-alias user test alias1
v-add-mail-account-alias user test alias2

And so on…

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Are you sure? I’ve installed HestiaCP on 5 VPS, and by default, DKIM is always 1024 bits, whether I add mail domains through the CLI or the web interface.

P/s: My second question was quite silly :)))

When empty it should be 2048

Also release branch it got changed 2 years ago

Als v-add-mail-domain


It got changed on the mail branch but has not reached release branch yet …

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Here is a screenshot from /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-add-mail-domain on my VPS. To make DKIM default to 2048, I just need to change 1024 to 2048, right?

Yes …

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Thank you. It worked perfectly.
It’s strange that v-add-mail-domain is outdated even though HestiaCP has been updated to 1.8.11.

Main branch != release branch …

Main branch is used for development…