Issues with dovecot imap and tags

Since migrating to hestia from vesta, I have noticed that the labels of the messages I make from thunderbird disappear when moving the message from one folder to another. I still have a server with vestacp and the tags are not removed on that

How can I configure dovecot to keep the labels of the messages that I have put from thunderbird? It’s very important !


Google it label thuderbird dovecot - بحث Google‏

I have tried several options that you indicate in your link but they do not work, in each test I have restarted the entire server and it remains the same

It’s not the thunderbird’s fault but the Dovecot. something needs to be turned on or off for it to work

Please help!

In archive dovecot.conf i have included this line that seems like it should work but it doesn’t work


Compare the differences between config files and see the differences…

Before writing the forum I was already comparing and searching, if I go to this forum it is to seek help because I do not know where else to look

I have compared the files and I do not see anything that relates to the tag’s or mbox_lazy_writes in vestacp

I have tried many combinations but I think I am going astray:
mbox_read_locks = flock
mbox_write_locks = flock
mbox_dirty_syncs = no
mbox_lazy_writes = no

I think this is not good for maildir, I need you to help me please!

The only thing that I see different is the versions of dovecot, in CentOS they use 2.2.36 and in debian …

I have found the solution! the problem is debian! has a version with a bug in version dovecot-core!!! the correct version is dovecot_2.3.13.

I do not know if from hestiacp this error can be officially solved that I shouldn’t know when it will take to solve it!

to correct you have to do this:
Create /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/dovecot.gpg

 curl | gpg --import
 gpg --export ED409DA1> /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/dovecot.gpg

 Create /etc/apt/sources.list.d/dovecot.list. If you want to use https, make sure you have installed apt-transport-https.

 deb buster main


 If you are upgrading from existing installation, run

 apt update
 apt upgrade
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I just wanted to know if it is advisable to put that extra dovecot repo to update or is it better to wait until they should put this update in the official repo? It is a server in production and cannot fail!

Normally it won’t hurt as it an source from the developer… But if you need to be sure try it your self on a test server…

thanks for your quick response!
Yes, update without problems and it is working well at the moment, the question is: do I leave this official dovecot repo active or do I deactivate it and wait for debian 10 to put it in its official repo?

I do not know if Debian 10 will update to that version, in Debian 11 I have seen what they have in their repo.

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