Issues with wordpress, hestiacp, nginx-phpfpm


I had one of my wordpress based website on vestacp

Now I have moved to hestia on the same server.

I am facing some issues.

  1. My vestacp was installed only using nginx and phpfpm, No apache

  2. My hestiacp is also installed using nginx and phpfpm, no apache

  3. In my earlier website on vestacp, the permalinks in wordpress were working.

  4. In my present website the permalinks in wordpress is not working.

  5. Earlier vestacp installation was on Debian 9 where the default user to login was root.

  6. The present hestiacp installation is on debian 10 where default user to login is debian.

Can someone please help me and give me step by step method.

Please understand that I am from a non-technical background and belong to journalism field and a person who is completely a startup

Select the Wordpress template from the list

please understand that HestiaCP is the wrong tool for you then. we can’t support in basic server management but with using HestiaCP we expect you to be able to handle those task by yourself.

really no offense meant, however Hestia does not aim to be a dropin replacement for knowledge but rather a tool to help proper system admins with daily tasks by providing an easier access.
customisations you’ll always have to do by yourself - or look for someone to pay for their support.


can you please elaborate why not wordpress?