It is not creating the www but redirect to non-www domain

I want to create my website on but when I try to add a web domain like this it creates a domain for and I want to add CNAME for my root domain to www. is it possible?

Hello @techindia535,

It isn’t possible… well, it is possible but you must modify function format_domain in $HESTIA/func/

Why you don’t create the domain, add the alias and redirect all traffic to


hello @sahsanu
I tried to do the same thing but my website generated the error & i want to tell you that my website is in Cloudflare.

Sorry, I don’t use Cloudflare so I can’t help here.

Maybe other community buddy uses Cloudflare and can show you how to create the right conf in Cloudflare for your needs but maybe, that is a question to Cloudflares’ community…

Hello, the redirection error is typically caused by your SSL/TLS mode on Cloudflare.
If you generated an SSL certificate via Hestia, make sure the mode for your domain is set to either Full or Full (strict).

You can troubleshoot further here if the above doesn’t work:

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Please don’t make changes to hestia source …

Just set the redirect in the settings and it is working as it should be ……

Flexible is a terrible feature from Cloudflare and should be removed imo….


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