Kindly help because mistake to input ssh command and my web folder gone

I’m new because seek help.
I do mistake command on chow with use this command
chown www-data:www-data /home/(my-username)/web/
Because I want to delete file on domain name folder
But suddenly all my domain name folder under directory /web is gone.
I try to add new domain also not occurs there
So, now is when I open folder web /home/(myusername)/web/
usually will display all my domain name folder, now is empty.
Kindly would to help
thankyou very much

Your files should be in /home/user/web/

You can check permissions and ownership with ls -l

This command should fix your problem:
chown youruser:youruser /home/user/web

Ahh…thank you very much, you really great.
Thanks for saved me.

May I asking you again?

I can’t delete file (it’s unused backup file) on folder /home/user/web/my-domain
I try to delete use filezilla, also it’ can’t
Would you kindly guide how to delete this file.

Thank you very much

the command to remove files is “rm”.
You can use it this way:
rm /path/to/file/

One more thing, it is very unusual to get help like this in this forum since HestiaCP is intended to be used by people with this knowledge already.

Ohh…please apologize for my question.
Thank you very much because you still want to help me

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