Сlamav & spamassassin. Worth to install?

They both go by default but is it worth to install them from the gabizz script?

Developers, please explain, in your panel, clamav automatically scans the server for viruses 24/7 or is it just installed, but in order to check the server for viruses, I need to run it every time by myself?

Also never used spamassassin. This program for just serious project with a lot of mails per day, if I plan to use mail only for sending mails to people who just registered on my forum or wordpress I don’t need it? I don’t need to get emails from users, just to send them.

Spamassassin is used for incoming mail so no when only outgoing mail is send

See https://talk.plesk.com/threads/does-spamassassin-scan-outgoing-mail.346727/

ClamAV maybe personally never used it even on bigger server. If you are planning to use it on a mail server I will say yes…


@eris says like we don’t need to install these 2 things, if yes, why clamav and spamassasin installed by default? I think that the devs knowingly added and enabled them by default. Personally I installed these 2, but stopped it. They both takes 700-800 mb of RAM by the way so if you’re server has less than 1GB of RAM then you shouldn’t even think of clamav.

  1. Server with a limited memory it will be disabled by default

See https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/blob/a16901ba082dc0a9634c7f6ca5032708f6b2f878/install/hst-install-ubuntu.sh#L229-L235

  1. It is great Addon and 99 % of the users who run a mail server it is a great add-on.
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… and infact mail services are installed by default, clamav and spamassassin will be also installed by default. Of course you can disable whatever you want, but there will be currently no change what should be included by default or not :slight_smile:.

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