Laravel project deploy

I’m new to hestiacp and I’d like to deploy a Laravel project I have working in another VPS.
I created the website and laravel app in hestiacp, without creating the database, since I migrate a database backup from another server.
My question is how should I deploy a Laravel app using hestiacp and github (I have the repo there)
please let me know how should I do the deploy
Thanks so much for your help

Connect to the server via SSH and then clone the repo using git from the command line.

If your repository is private, you may need to create an SSH key pair and add it to your GitHub account. Follow this tutorial to create a new SSH key: Generating a new SSH key and adding it to the ssh-agent - GitHub Docs

After you clone the repository, you can install the dependencies by running composer install.

You’ll also need to setup a database, even if it’s empty. You can do this directly from HestiaCP web panel.