Lessons Learned By A Newb to Hestia Control Panel (And Optimizing WordPress/HestiaCP)

Hestia Control Panel is a very powerful tool with so many features that I didn’t understand until I spent a lot of time playing with it, reading the forums, and, well, making mistakes. Here are some things I wish I knew that would have made my life easier.

  1. Using the Install Script Tool. https://gabizz.github.io/hestiacp-scriptline-generator/
  2. Enabling Fast CGI by not installing Apache. If you install Apache, then you can’t use Fast CGI.
  3. Hestia Nginx Cache WordPress Plugin. Hestia Nginx Cache – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org So you got Fast CGI working but now you’re afraid it’s serving stale pages. Install this plug-in using the Hestia API and it’ll automatically do it! Just remember not to use “www” when entering the domain into the plug-in configuration.
  4. Server Tools. Clicking that gear widget brings up a whole bunch of options for server management if you’re logged in as admin. Seriously, if you’re a newb, click there and see all the options there are through the GUI. Want to increase PHP RAM for WordPress? It’s right there under your PHP version.
  5. Cron. So you disabled wp-cron.php and want to trigger it using cron. Well, you can do that through the GUI using the server tools!

Anyway, I love the plug-in. It’s so powerful. I just wished I knew the above when starting out.


You can also enable the caching template it will also improve the performance alot

I don’t see the option for the caching template so I guess I would have to reinstall, which I don’t want to do. I used the Wordpress web template.

I completely bypassed LiteSpeed CDN, disabled the LiteSpeed Cache, subscribed to Cloudflare APO, and installed the Redis WP plugin. Now I’m getting 91% on PageSpeed mobile while I was getting 86-90% before. LiteSpeed still has useful tools in the free tier such as image optimization, crawler, critical CSS, and other CS/JS/HTML optimizations. It’s kind of sad that I’m “only” get 91% with all of that but I’m not sure what else can be done.

Maybe you should start looking at your code. Maybe it is not a hosting problem anymore.

I’m using Bricks Builder and Elementor Pro on different websites to test code optimization with the least possible plugins. LiteSpeed Cache is the big plugin I’m using.

Lightspeed cache is meant for lightspeed web server. I think that might cause some conflicts a lot of the features are dependent on the web server itself. That plug-in was designed specifically to integrate heavily into that web server