Let's encrypt certificate for Server name

I’ve setup a HestiaCP VPS. When it is installed a server name is required, so I used the name server.mydomain.com

The domain name “server.mydomain.com” has been added to the admin account/user, but I also have a user for “mydomain.com”.

Is it safe to move the domain “server.mydomain.com” to the user “mydomain.com”?

I’m having some issues with Let’s encrypt since some email clients are trying to validate, not only the domain name, but also the server name to which this domain belongs, this is “server.mydomain.com”, so I would like to create a Let’s Encrypt certificate for this domain but this is not possible unless the domain is out of admin.

Thank you in advance for your time and patience.

Yes it is.

I don’t know what are those clients but email clients should validate the host you configured to access via imap/pop3 and smtp. In Hestia, it is mail.yourdomain

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Thank you @sahsanu I will move it then. The poblems are caused by a recent version of Outlook (I have never seen this issue before).

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