Let's Encrypt ssl for all subdomains?

Hi, can I issue a Let’s Encrypt certificate for all subdomains?

I would like to issue a certificate for a specific domain that will be available for all subdomains.
For example, my main site domain.com, the certificate would be issued for something like this…

If there is no such feature, can you please tell me which certificate issuing script can be tweaked to implement such functionality?
I want to make a separate subdomain for Hestia Panel, for which I can specify the certificate path to the main domain (2 levels). So that it won’t be visible on sites like this (crt.sh). To hide from prying eyes for which domains the certificates were issued for based on the main domain.

Keep in mind that there is no need to issue a certificate for www.example.com as *.example.com will cover it.

Also, be aware that a wildcard certificate will only be valid for that level, I mean, a certificate issued to example.com and *.example.com will be valid for example.com, www.example.com, whatever.example.com but it won’t be valid for anothersubdomain.whatever.example.com

Wildcard certificates must be validated using a DNS challenge so If you host your DNS with Hestia you will be able to issue a wildcard certificate.

If you are hosting your DNS with another provider, you should use a third acme client to issue the wildcard certificate, Hestia won’t do it for you. There are a lot of acme clients out there but I use and recommend acme.sh it is a bash script, just a few dependencies and it supports a ton of DNS providers.

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Great thank you! Great detailed answer, you are the best).

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