Let's Encrypt validation status 400

Hi, there! I am getting Subj error on mail from cron every night. How to understand and fix the problem?

I have several domains on my server and everything works fine. Hestia is the latest version, Ubuntu 18.04

Hi @ram108

Could you please provide us with further info, ie. cron output, etc.?

Thank you.

I experienced the same problem when I switched the IP of one of the sites and tried to acquire SSL for webmail.example.com
Workaround was to return the IP to primary server IP, acquire the certificate for webmail and then switch the site back to it’s dedicated IP.

Troubleshooting was time consuming as I had to wait for new IP to propagate in DNS each time.

I don’t know what will happen when certificate expires and is renewed from cron. Perhaps the same thing?