Lets encrypt wildcard certificate for *.domain.com

hello everyone.

I really like hestia and it works great for so many things, but for some reason I did not manage it to create a wildcard certificate for all subdomains I have. I know I can create a subdomain as a domain in my list but this means a lot of work to me, because I have tens of them. I tried to put *.domain.com inside my aliases as well but this never worked.

I hope someone could help me on this as I really like the panel and would like to keep using it.


Wildcard certificate requires you to modify an dns record in the DNS. Currently it is not set them on external DNS servers via the software. For wildcard dns records it is an requirement to host domains in the “DNS” that hestia supplies.

hi eris, which dns record should be modified?

you cant modify “a record”, it only works if you use a hestia dns cluster.

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