Limit RAM and CPU for User

Hello, sometimes some users can cause excessive RAM and CPU load.
How about setting to limit RAM and CPU like Cgroups function?

Thank You

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Interesting feature. None of the current free/paid control panels come with this(except apiscp). If implemented will be a unique feature of an open source control panel.

cPanel has it ;).

We will look into it, but it isnt our highest priority.


Could you please link me on cpanel cgroups(are you referring to cloudlinux?).

Btw, centos-webpanel seems to be another one supporting cgroups.


I just noticed it on some posts about cpanel, as far as I saw, it seems to be a cloudlinux only feature. I konw that there were some cgroups integrations in vesta forum, Probaly this could be a resource for some testing.

If HestiaCP has this feature I think everyone will like it even though it will be a commercial plugin just like it is on Vesta

It would be interesting the security feature called: CageFS.
It protects the server and isolates each user’s directory.


Even if there is option to set this via console (without graphics interface) it will help a loot for server optimization


You mean cgroup?

I have read the full article and there are some interesting uses for that.

You can set a share for processes so there is always CPU time for the critical processes.

You can set a CPU limit. I would definitely limit a process CPU that excedes 100% of all CPU times.

So I avoid situations in which a hacker is exploiting an xmlrpc.php in a wordpress and the server is at a 27 load average with only 4 cores.

This doesn’t limit a user only certain process. As php-fpm preforms best with multiple process it is not something what you want to limit to.

Final solution would be fully implementing Cgroups but currently there are about 30 open issues that have an higher priority. And as long as Hestia doesn’t pay any bills I don’t think it will implemented soon…