Linode server addtional Volume Storage

Using Ubuntu 20x with latest hestia cp.
about 60GB storage used.
Linode VPS with 80GB.
I added additional VOLUME STORAGE of 40GB. .
Rebooted my VPS.

Hesticap - i manually triggered for Backup.
I recvd email notification as Disc space not enough.
If i run CMD df -h
I could see my primary and secondary storages.

you need to mount that specific storage, but i think you only got an additional one and not increased the main one (sda) - this will probaly be not possible to configure.

You need to increase your existing root drive and then resize the file system on it.

Hi yes, the main storage is not increased. I added as Volume Storage, attached & Mounted it. (see ref image plaz.)

79G is my main storage.
40G is my mounted volume storage

Now my cmd df -h shows both storages inside my server.
How to point my hestiaCP backup to this storage.?
Thank you

Easiest method is to rename the backup folder
create it again mount drive to backup drive and copy old back-ups to backup drive

:grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you…

I did the same, just few minutes earlier you message here… :slight_smile:

So HestiaCP works well for Backup => mounted drive as per the how to change backup folder guide documentation.

  • Mounted drive => backup success.
    I jast have other issue with Linode VPS. If i make /etc/fstab entries for this mounting task, it fails.
    cmd => mount -a => mount: /backup: mount(2) system call failed: Not a directory.

This issue is purely belongs to my VPS (Not HestiaCP).
I will work with Linode Support.

Thank you hestia team.

mkdir /backup first

Dir needs to exists before mounting

Noted boss. Thank you

Alternatively you can try a symlink

will not work, due to security reasons you need to use mount.


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