/list/backup/ - backup list

Vesta had such a menu item. How do you get into it at Hestia?

If you want it else change the templates files in /usr/local/hestia/web/

Not advised…

So the link to this section is specifically removed from the interface?

it’s not removed, it’s just not in the top header. but as @eris already showed of course you can access a backup section as well as the dns part (for the latter: unless you installed without bind)

This manual editing admin panel template?

no that’s the default template in @eris screenshot. as you can see, dns and backups etc. everything is available. I think we have a strong language barrier here, sorry… what exactly are you missing?

if you want to have the buttons or listing represented somewhere else you need to manually create your own template.

or are you missing your backup itself in that list? only the backups built automatically by the nightly cronjob appear there, after the cronjob is run. backups which you might move into the backup folder manually will not appear in that list.

Ah. I don 't have a BACKUP item because I 've never done them once.