Local + b2 backup not working as expected

Setting domain.tld:8083/edit/server/ Backup > Local Backup to “no” seems to have no impact i.e. local backup in the quantity specified in the packaged is created and not deleted.

My goal is for hestia to generate and store 3-7 days of remote b2 backups and store none locally. My assumption would be: Set quantity in package. Set remote backups to b2 and set local backup to “no” And hestia would keep backups of that quantity on b2 and store no local backups.

Is there a way to do this? Am I missing something?

If you change local to no it will only store the backup on B2…

It will not delete existing backups on local drive but wait till the are removed when they ar rotated …

Thanks @eris Like I said this is not the case and this is not working as expected. Local backups are being created and stored daily. Can you help me troubleshoot?

This is the code responsible

As told I am using it with SFTP and local backups disabled for again and it should work fine

It looks like Rclone is creating the backup file in /backup

But is supposed to delete after wards:

are you just pointing out this is a bug and not working with rclone? or? I’m using b2


Beware we might drop support for B2 in a feature version as Rclone supports B2 as wel…

not sure what you are trying to communicate. as I said, not working as expected. local copy not removed.

Add some echos and try it out… What goes worng…

Do some debugging work. This is the code where it goes wrong …

are you saying this is a known bug and you think I should try to figure how to fix it? Or…?

You are the first one reporting it…

I had some time to look into this. And this is not a bug, but rather my mis-interpretation of the hestia backup gui. I expected only local backups to show up there and be available for download. but I see that the gui specifies the types i.e. rclone,local if local=yes and downloads the local copy. This was also my error in mis-reading the dates of the old files in /backups directory. Everything is working as expected now that I understand how I was mis-understanding how things worked.

Thanks for your help @eris and heads up that direct hestia b2 functionality will be deprecated. I switched to rclone.

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We allow both to be downloaded how ever the remote backups have about 1 to xx min delay due to the location…

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