Localhost / subdomains

thanks if you can answer this question:
am I supposed to set anything (in /etc/hosts for instance) to give access to localhost to apps installed on my submains? or, should the name server ‘localhost’ be changed?

thanks for the great work
i’m getting use to it :v:

For local computers /etc/hosts is the easiest method

thanks @eris
it’s actually for a VPS, on a remote server

There are three domains + subdomains on this server
I was wondering if there was anything I should configure in etc/hosts when using hestia?


... domain.com sbdomain1.domain.com subdomain2.domain.com
systemctl restart apache2

or is this configured automatically somewhere else by Hestia?

If the dns records exists for that domain it should not be needed any more

they are not set in HESTIA

That should be fine. I also never add domains to the host file…

:thinking: well i though so… but apparently not enough in my situation:
one app in nextcloud (circle) is asking a “loopback address” that I thought would have to be localhost or my subdomain URL in etc/hosts

but thanks a lot anyway
I guess i’ll have to dig somewhere else, but so far … no lead at all …

have a great day

This sounds like some of the problems I used to have back when I used Cloudflare. In my opinion, if you are using the Hestia Control Panel, you do not need to use Cloudflare. You do need DNS set up correct and you do not need to change etc/hosts. Could you try a different VPS but without Cloudflare and see if that solves the problem?

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hi @David-Spring thanks for you reply
I’m afraid I won’t be able to test your solution on a different VPS.

Then I realise I might need to update my conception: I thought CLOUDFLARE would be a safe solution for server and visitors (i’m no expert)

I guess I could use one URL to test this DNS-in-hestia solution.
But I might need a little more information to understand what are the pros and cons of such a (rather big) change in my set-up.

do you think you could hint me with a couple of links which could instruct me a little? would you share a bit more of your knowledge, in a few lines?

thank you so much

I do not want to offend anyone here who likes Cloudflare. But I do not think it is beginner friendly. Back when I used it, I had a lot of problems often caused by me not setting up Cloudflare properly. There have been discussions about interaction problems between Hestia and Cloudflare many times on the Hestia Forum. My conclusion has been that Hestia does not fully support Cloudflare. My suggestion to you was to create a new VPS… you already created one VPS with Hestia so just create another. Only with the new VPS, set up your domain name and DNS settings without using Cloudflare. That is what I do and I have no problems with SSL or anything else.

What I am really saying is to keep things as simple as possible. When you add Cloudflare to the equation you are adding significantly to the complexity of an already complex process. If you are an expert on Cloudflare, you may not have any problems. But for people like me, we are better off just using Hestia without adding Cloudflare to the mix of challenges.

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nslookup domain.com should also result in a return. It should not matter how you setup the domain.

thanks again @eris

I get:

Name: sub.domain.net

shall I use somewhere else? It’s the fist time i’m seeing this address

Thanks @David-Spring
I guess that would be a good thing to learn - i’ve never used DNS before
and I thought CLOUDFLARE was the easy and safe way … :sweat_smile:
but then I need to use some time and money on a new VPS (setting up hestia and nextcloud is a bit long in total…)

now, i’m not unhappy. Things seem to work together.
But! just this one app in nextcloud!! grr … so I will probably try to understand the whole situation to come to a conclusion, rather than trying another setup without understanding what i’m facing:
what’s the loopback problem in my setup

thanks a lot for your answer :+1:

For those who could provide any help with loopback for nextcloud/Circles app
here is my situtation:

$ occ circles:check
### Checking loopback address.
. The loopback setting is mandatory and can be checked locally.
. The address you need to define here must be a reachable url of your Nextcloud from the hosting server itself.
. By default, the App will use the entry 'overwrite.cli.url' from 'config/config.php'.

* testing current address: http://localhost
- GET request on http://localhost/index.php/csrftoken: fail

- You do not have a valid loopback address setup right now.

Please write down a new loopback address to test:

thanks a lot for reading and helping :v::grinning:

I just did an internet search on There are lots of people who have posted articles discussing this issue. You may want to read some of these articles. As Eris pointed out, it is important to have the correct DNS settings. Some on this forum set up their own DNS server. I am not that smart. I therefore use a domain host who offers a DNS manager. I use that to set up my DNS. In my opinion, Cloudflare does not make things easier or safer.
As for Nextcloud, I have recently set up a Nextcloud app on a sub domain using the Hestia Control panel. So it should work.

thanks a lot @David-Spring !
i’m heading now to read about issues on my search engine :+1:

I have many apps running fine in NC25 … I hope i’ll find soon what to do
and maybe configure a DNS some day soon in Hestia, thanks to your comments

have a great day (or night ^^)