Log Management any suggestions?

Can anyone suggest and open source log manager that can show all the logs more easier than having to go to each one in console? It can either be completely ran locally with a login like a PHP app or something that is installed and then has a remote view. Any suggestions would be welcomed,

Also I think it would be a great feature to include something like that into the control panel.

CSF GUI has a log viewer, for a lot of the useful ones - even better in that you can live view them. :slight_smile:
It might even be possible to extend it with further logs - dunno. :nerd_face:

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I have a different firewall setup. I don’t want to change the fire. I found a few log Management on GitHub but I’d prefer not to play trial and error if anyone has some input on good ones.

When you say you want more visibility into your logfiles, what sort of information are you looking for? Are you talking about web logs? Mail logs? System logs? Or maybe another way of answering it would be to give an example of information you wanted to find recently but couldn’t?
The commandline app multitail is quite useful, although not what you asked for.

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Like phpmyadmin for logs. Something simple. Login and have all the big logs ready and easy to look at.

Or something that monitors them and emails me things I need to know…

I’ve been looking on GitHub and Google… but no luck finding anything that is borderline its own server…

I almost always install logwatch on a new server and set that up so its reporting things I want to look at daily. For more specific queries, I’ll usually write a bash script and tell that to mail me when it finds something. You may also be able to use monit to alert you on certain conditions. https://mmonit.com/monit/

Again not really answering your original request, but these are things I’ve found useful over the years.

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Actually that was really helpful. ty