Login Issue & blocked site after wrong login inputs


I cannot login anymore as admin to my Hestia CP.

The password that was sent to me by mail doesent work anymore adn with my 2nd admin account I do not have acces to other accounts to reset the password.
The passwort reset option doesnt sent me an email wit the Reset Code.

I also cannot enter my own CP after 3 wrong password inputs.

Sorry but this is annoying!

1st) What can I do to logon with my admin account &

2nd) What can I do to disabe the site block when the wrong passworrd was entered?

Thank you.

Login with your root user and reset admins password using v-change-user-password

Add your (static) public ip to the fail2ban whitelist (google will guide you how), so it preventing to keeps you banned. I strongly suggest to NOT disable the brute force detection in any case.

I just can not keep myself from quoting what @ScIT wrote, because it is very very important, to NOT disable security options, checks, etc. Quite a few users disable security checks and replace secure passwords with small and insecure ones :frowning: It is almost certain that trouble will follow.

I am not saying that you did or will do that. Just that other people do it.