Login Redirect problem

Please can Hestia do something about this? It’s very very annoying and frustrating. I have been using Hestia since 1.4 and the new 1.7 version still has the same problem.
When you try logging in, it redirects back to the login page. Sometimes after like 20 tries, it eventually logs you in only to log you out again immediately after you click something. I have cleared my browser, in fact, I had to install google chrome that I don’t use. It just keeps redirecting back to the login screen. You cannot get anything done with this. Please I beg you guys to fix this. You are spoiling this product with this little flaw. I have read so many threads here on this issue and no one seems to be bringing out any solution, and the worst is that Hestia is not even trying to look into it. Please try and fix this. Thank you for your prompt response.

In /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf



It will disable the check that causes the logout most of the times


Thank you so much. I really appreciate you for this. I am so grateful. It is working now.

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I have this problem. i deal with it by opening inspector in the browser, going to the “application” tab and deleting the cookies in there.