Login to HestiaCP successful via IP address but not through domain


I recently installed HestiaCP on a freshly provisioned Ubuntu 22.04 VPS. The installation was successful and everything seems to be working well except one small problem: I can’t log into HestiaCP at https://hestia.mydomain.com:2083/login/. The login page takes my credentials and refreshes without any error message. I’m able to login at https://ipaddress:2083/login/.

hestia.mydomain.com passes through Cloudflare proxy. I provisioned a Let’s Encrypt certificate for hestia.mydomain.com from the web panel.

Sorry if I’m being thick, and appreciate any help. I’m happy to provide any other info needed.

Please refrain from using real domains that aren’t yours. There are reserved domains like example.com expressly set aside for such purposes.

I have encountered what you describe, but not on any instance that I have behind Cloudflare. Unfortunately too much time has elapsed and I don’t recall what was responsible.

What do you see in your server logs?

Thank you, I will use reserved domains in future. I should have checked the server logs before posting here. I see a bunch of logs about “banned IP address”. Guess fail2ban or something else is blocking some Cloudflare IP addresses. I’ll look further into this.

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You should already have that in place via /etc/nginx/conf.d/cloudflare.inc.

You’re right, I see the cloudflare.inc file with Cloudflare IP addresses.

Initially I couldn’t connect to hestia.example.com:2083 because Cloudflare SSL was set to Full (strict), which means Cloudflare will look for a valid certificate at origin to connect successfully. The issue was resolved when I changed it to Full (Cloudflare will connect to any certificate, including self-signed).

I have provisioned a Let’s Encrypt certificate for hestia.example.com but that doesn’t seem to cover hestia.example.com:2083, which continues to use the self-signed certificate generated during HestiaCP’s installation. If I bypass Cloudflare, Firefox doesn’t load hestia.example.com:2083 due to invalid certificate (but it gives me an option to load ipaddress:2083…).

I looked into the /var/log/hestia/auth.log and /var/log/hestia/error.log files, but not really sure what the issue is.

v-add-letsencrypt-host will also update de “hestia” certicate …

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I get this error on running v-add-letsencrypt-host:

Error: WEB_DOMAINS limit is reached :: upgrade user package
Error: web domain vmuserXXXX127.0.0.1 doesn’t exist

I installed HestiaCP with this command:

bash hst-install.sh --port 2083 --hostname hestia.example.com --email [email protected] --password XXXXXXXX --apache no --vsftpd no --named no --exim no --dovecot no --spamassassin no --clamav no

Please ignore the above comment. I removed an entry for vmuserXXXX127.0.0.1 from /etc/hosts and was able to get a Let’s Encrypt certificate through the command v-add-letsencrypt-host. I’m still not able to login at https://hestia.example.com:2083, though. The form just refreshes without any feedback.

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