Mail autodiscover and fail2ban

Has anyone succeeded in implementing mail autodiscover in Hestia setup?

fail2ban doesn’t like it.

To reproduce, add a SRV record:


to with value:

0 0 443

and add autodiscover.xml to it’s public_html/autodiscover/

Works as expected with Outl00k, but only if fail2ban is down.
If fail2ban is up, I get banned real nice (on Hestia chain), and Outl00k freezes during discovery.

In logs i see numerous instances like:
2020-03-18 21:13:56,466 fail2ban.filter [1421]: INFO [dovecot-iptables] Found my.poor.lil.ip - 2020-03-18 21:13:56

But I can’t find actual ban action log.

of course later on i found:
2020-03-18 23:45:52,791 fail2ban.actions [25894]: NOTICE [recidive] Restore Ban my.poor.lil.ip

The ban doesnt come from autodiscover itself, it looks more like you got banned because of invalid mail/pw combos from dovecot - then from recidive.

We work currently on a official implementation of active sync and autodiscover for hestia, feature-activesync on our github project.

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