Mail delivery problem


After installation hestiacp i have problem with sending emails.
Most of them treat emails as spam ( e.g. Gmail,yahoo)…

What i can do?

Cheers Daffy, what results do you get on and ?

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10/10, not on blacklist

(normal message same result)

This is the default behavior of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo for email addresses unknown to them.
The best way I found for this to stop happening is that you ask your friends with those email services that send you a new email. From that moment they will receive everything you send. But they must be the ones who have to create and send this first mail.

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Wibol is right, just to correct a short part: The problem is not the email address, it is the unknown ip address without any reputation. It will take some time until Microsoft, Google or Yahoo accept your system and don’t move it to spam.

You can’t do much here, as Wibol correctly wrote, you can let write some friends to your server and reply on the messages. Othe way would be to use Amazon SES:

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So to change it, I have to pretend that nothing happens and wait for ip to gain a reputation?

Yes, that would be one way.

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