Mail domain doesn't exists

I have added existing domains to the email section of the control panel, but when listed, only some of them show the email domain details. In SSH console when typing:
v-list-mail-domain [USER] [DOMAIN]
for some of them (which in the list of mail domains do not show disk space information), it returns me a result: mail domain doesn’t exists

This problem is important to me, because in Roundcube, when trying to change the password, the email domains that give me an error in the console cannot change their password.
The only possibility to change the password is from the Hestia control panel, but it is strange how only there it finds the corresponding email domain, but with the Roundcube plugin, this does not happen. I looked at the php source code of the Roundcube plugin for changing the password and the one for editing in the control panel, the commands to Hestia are identical, but with the Roundcube plugin it returns an error “error domain owner not found”.
I’m asking for help because my users can’t change their passwords themselves through Roundcube.
I also notice that when write to log file the path to the respective domain, extra special characters are seen after the domain dot.

v-list-mail-domains username doe it show the email


This happens when I manually enter the domain, if I copy it directly from a table, the password changes, which means there is some difference in characters. Roundcube sends the domain to Hestia the way I enter it manually and accordingly Hestia says that: error owner of domain not found. The domain should be entered as we see it, and Hestia should be able to find it. How can this problem be fixed?

In the screenshot, I have entered a copy of the table in the first row, and in the second I have manually entered the domain. You can see the difference.

I found that this extra character comes in when I copy the domain from some web page (list from my old hosting) when initially adding to the mail domains. The question is, is there a way to fix this without the already created mails disappearing?

Add the correct accounts and then copy the mail folders over from domain to the other one
(Create backup first)

Thank you, I will write when I can, but it will not be immediately, because the mails are very large.