Mail : Error: user syslog doesn't exist


I just receive a mail named: Cron <[email protected]> sleep 60 && /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-add-sys-sftp-jail
and with this content: Error: user syslog doesn't exist


//EDIT : I’m on a Ubuntu Server

Just ignore it we should add an mute option of the cronjob…

Hi team, is this fixed.? Im having the same issue with latest HestiaCP.

i did a fresh install of HestiaCP on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 install today and I’m seeing the same.

We’ll get that checked, please feel free to open an issue report on

It not a real bug… It is caused due to how Ubuntu threats the syslog user…

syslog is an “system” user with permissions set to nologin:

During boot Hestia runs a cronjob it initialise the sftp “filesystem”

It checks if a user has “ssh” access set to no login:


2nd check:
If it has an user directory in /home/ folder

If those 2 things matches it call v-add-user-sftp-jail

There we have added 1 check if the user is “Hestia” user and this check fails and an “error” is created.

Even it works as intended…