Mail for root user

Hello, friends!

Please tell me how you can send mail notifications addressed to the root user to the mail account.
Or set up a system administrator account so that you can receive mail for root there

I already tried the way to edit the file /etc/aliaces
Then launched #~ sudo newaliaces
Rebooted the server
But mail is still frozen for root

Help me please
Mail traffic is frozen due to messages for the root user


Create a mail domain for and add a mail account root to it and it should be solved…

If I understand correctly, i need to create a domain “” in a control panel
Create a mail domain for it
Then create a user account [email protected]
Server will be created
Mail account will be [email protected]

Do I understand you correctly?
Or the is given as an example?
And i need to replace it with my data

If you can, repeat my steps, to understand

Use your own data. So if your HestiaCP is installed on a subdomain like you can add that also as a e-mail domain. After that you can just setup the necessary e-mail-accounts. For example:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Gentlemen, thanks for the advice. I put it exactly as they said, and one day, another day passed and the shipment began. I was very glad why, because it took my worries off. I got free and I was very happy
Thank you very much and best wishes