Mail is still using old hostname


I recently changed my hostname in etc/hosts and etc/hostname but mail is still being sent from the old hostname, therefore can’t get 10/10 in

Also is this command still available?

sudo: v-change-sys-hostname: command not found


Check at your hestia cp Admin if it change also if not then update it also

Yes, I did change it there too.

sudo: v-change-sys-hostname: command not found

Means that the Hestia Paths are not defined when you login via SSH.

You could also use /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-change-sys-hostname

Thanks, that way I can execute the command but the problem remains. The mail is still sent by the old hostname.

Here are the tested values for this check:

* IP: 49.12.3*.*
* rDNS:

I’m sending test emails with Post SMTP (default type) on Wordpress to test this out.

whats the output of:
/usr/sbin/exim4 -bP primary_hostname

It points to the correct and new hostname.

primary_hostname =

Source-code of an email sent by Wordpress:

Received: from ( [49.12.*.*])


Today I upgraded Hestia to the latest 1.3 version. Now mail is finally using the new hostname and I get a perfect 10/10 in

Thanks for the great work guys. You’re the best!

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