Mail only domain help

Hi Guys.

I am mew to HestiaCP and love it so far.
I am struggling with a mail-only domain setup.
I have created and updated MX records to point to Hestia IP on the cPanel side.

I have created domain [dot] com under mail domain but not able to send an email. I can receive emails though.
My hostname for the server is set to and I have installed lets-encrypt.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.


Port 25 opened?

Check the exim logs what is going wrong…

Is this is possible solution, don’t want to break anything ?

logs show following error:

2020-12-06 09:21:50 1klqEo-0003x8-D6 <= [email protected] H=localhost ( [] P=esmtp S=2240 [email protected]

2020-12-06 09:21:50 1klqEo-0003x8-D6 == [email protected] R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host for ''

Don’t know you will need to test it.

Make sure that spf records are created.

I think the issue is that Digital Ocean is blocking port 25, I have opened a ticket.

so DO have assured me that they are not blocking 25. So now I am bit confused.

If this is a new server (new IP for you), run some test to check if the that IP is any blacklist. Here are some tools that might help you:

If you’ll need to be sending to Microsoft email (hotmail, outlook, etc), you might want to register for the Junk Mail Reporting Program and Smart Network Data Service.

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