Mail relay not working


I added some ip addresses for mail relaying to /etc/exim4/update-exim4.conf.conf.

dc_local_interfaces=‘ ; ::1’
dc_relay_nets=‘our ip addresses for mail relaying’

When I try to test it, it gives the following error:
Error: SMTP protocol error. 550-Verification failed for [email protected].
Failed to send message Forcing disconnection from SMTP server.
550-Unrouteable address

Could you please help me? Thanks.

Probably the easiest method is to use Hestia build in SMTP relay option:

If you connect from a remote server to Hestia authentication via email is required…

Thank you for your information. How can I type multiple ip addresses here? And what to type to the fields of username and password? Because in reality, [email protected] doesn’t exist. So I want our software to send emails on behalf of [email protected].

If you dont need to have a username and password, you cal leave the fields empty. For multiple ip addresses you better create a hostname which includes multiple a records with the ips like smtp.domain.tld.

It is just SMTP Relay service to route emails through another smtp server. But what I want is to send emails without authentication from certain ip addresses. For example. [email protected]. I want our software to send notifications on behalf of this email account. How can I achieve this?

In Our Exchange Server, I have added IP addresses to Receive Connector rules and checked anonymous users, so I can send emails without authentication from those IP addresses. I would like to know how I can achieve this in Hestiacp as well.

Just add host and port in the smtp relay function.

When I add host and port and click save, after click save, I see that it has not been saved.

Hmm, yeah, can confirm the behaviour. Let’s wait for @eris, maybe he has some time left to have a look.

I think a username and password are required to set it up…

When you leave username and password fields empty and click save button, it doesn’t show you notification that it is mandatory, it saves, but then you see that it has not been saved.
It is SMTP Relay service which you want to send your mails through other SMTP server, but I don’t mean this option. I just want to add ip addresses that I can send emails without authentication from those ip addresses. If create [email protected], then everbody can send email to this account.

If this option is not possible, then how can I have [email protected] email that can only send emails, not receive emails?

Create a email adress and enabled the discard all mail option

If you enter a password you can send email from any other server via Hestia to the outside…

Thank you for your help. It worked. It would be also nice to have an option of anonymous users as in Exchange Server.

Why it adds a security risk?

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