Mail server only without web server

I have a VPS with two IPs assigned. I use hestia version 1.6.14 with debian 11.
On IP1 (the secondary IP) I have installed a website on and a mail server Both work well
My question is: By creating a new user, can I install a mailserver on IP2 (which is the main IP) without having to install any web server? and have their own dns records in cloudflare. Both share the domain name but different TLD (one com and the other org).
I ask because I don’t see how to install a mail server without first creating a web server for the same domain.
Can someone clarify this for me?

Thanks: Natabril

Nginx needs always exists for SSL generation. But that should be no issue as your server has it already installed

Thank you Eris:
The problem is that whenever I create a mail server (whether I put the dns records in cloudflare or put them using the dns created by hestia) when I go to roundcube I get the page.
We’re working on it!

This site is currently under construction.

Please check back soon.

The mail server in the secondary IP work without problems.

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