Mailman installation

Has anyone successfully installed Mailman (mailing list server) along with Hestia? Did you just install it using your distribution’s native installer, or did you try to integrate it somehow with Hestia? I’m cautious because of the potential issues relating to the Django web interface and its subdomain.


You can’t it will conflict with Hestia install of Exim…

Thanks for your reply. Is there an alternative that won’t cause issues?

What’s wrong with Exim?

There’s nothing wrong with exim. Mailman works with exim, postfix, whatever. It’s for creating mailing lists, either one-way like Mailchimp, or for multiple users, like a forum. I used it many years ago. Now I’m hoping to replace my external mailing list service before they sell all the data they collect to OpenAI (or similar).

Further details:

If this is the case, I would suggest to use a separate server for mailing lists. Exim is part of the core functionality of HestiaCP i think. Anyway - Mailing lists is not good as it used to be with all the anti-spam algorithms these days.