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What I can see, the “manage ssh keys” is only visible under the admin user account. When adding public ssh keys here, there is no question asked which user to connect them to. Essentially the correct ~/.ssh/authorized_keys to add the public key to.

How is that part of the GUI working? Is it only for admin?

Login as the related user and set your keys.

Okey, thanks! But when I log in as the other user, the “Manage SSH keys” is no longer available. It’s only visible when logged in as admin.

All added keys are in the list @ “Manage SSH keys” under user admin. And I get no feeling to which user each public key is connected to.

Maybe I’m missing some defined permissions on the other user to get to the “Mangage SSH keys”!?

First click on login as

En then Edit user then you are able to manage it.

I have added sshkey but it does not shown on panel. My first key is shown but then I added another key for another user it does not shown also I cant remove it from panel. But ı can use it from winscp or putty. Only it does not removed and shown correct.

Have tested it a few times and don’t have an issue with my keys.

Can you check /home/user/.ssh/autorized_keys

yes I can see the sshkey on filesystem but Hestia does not show it (only for one user). I have 5 users and I can add sshkey for all of them via Hestiacp but I can not remove them (for all users) by using trash icon. It does not work. I can see summary of key near trash but I cant see it for one of the users (as you can see at image). May be this is not big problem but I can not remove ssh keys by using hestiacp panel. I remove/edit them as manual on WinSCP (–> /home/user/.ssh/autorized_keys file.)

You have a point found a bug :slight_smile:

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did your ssh-key hold a name in authorized_keys file. not sure, but maybe if there is no name given, hestia won’t pick it up?

there is a name. I used putty generator and written name in key comment

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