Mariadb 100% cpu usage even if i suspend all users/domains

hi, i face a problem. I get a mariadb 100% cpu usage even if i suspend all users/domains. I found the problem when disks got out of space during auto backup and exim4 and mariadb services stopped. I dont know if the problem is relative to this but i deleted all backups to free some space (disk are now 90% full) but the mariadb 100% cpu usage remain…

Any suggestions?

Login in with:

mysql -uroot

And run:

show processlist;;
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hi, i upgraded my server and updated all wordpress plugins and then downgraded. Now cpu load is about 1-10%. I checked cpu, apache and nginx usage history and found that all of them are very high the last 4 days. I will continue to check mariadb’s cpu usage for the next days and if i find it high i will post here again.

thanks eris…