Mariadb Error_reporting how to off?

I installed Debain 10 HestiaCp to an OVH VPS
When MySql Db is uploaded the following error message is received

I have done the following changes
nano /etc/php/7.3/fpm/php.ini
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~ E_DEPRECATED & ~ E_STRICT
I changed it to:
error_reporting = ~ E_DEPRECATED & E_ALL.
When Vestacp changed it, it went right
My problem is still there

Hard to say exactly what your issue is, but I’ve seen something before with incompatibilities between the PHP version and the PHPmyadmin version. You could try changing one or other of these. Or at least tell us what you’re running.
It might also be due to PHPmyadmin needing a php module you don’t have installed. Any clues in the apache error logs?

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Infact @CX22 has removed and overspammed his first post, looks like it is resolved.

No spamming
Is my clinet’s website
The website has the name of the image. I want to delete it
Sorry is it possible

Sorry for My English :slight_smile:

Ok no problem, I removed the image.

thank you very much .!