Mcrypt is disable

hi , frist sorry for my english, i need enable mcrypt on hestia , but i dont know how make … , Mcrypt is disabled

can help me pleaseee :slight_smile:

Mcrypt has been abandoned for over seventeen years!
PHP: Deprecated features in PHP 7.1.x - Manual

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Hi, sorry for my english, i ask out of ignorance and of course to learn from those who know, is the php$version-mcrypt extension that is normally installed in the following way: “sudo apt install php7.4-mcrypt” (since in the "sury repo, where the HestiaCP project takes everything related to PHP), is not the same thing?

I don’t think Sury supports it any more …

root@dev:~# apt list php*-mycrypt
Listing... Done
root@dev:~# apt list *-mycrypt
Listing... Done
root@dev:~# apt list php*-redis
Listing... Done
php-illuminate-redis/stable,stable 8.83.26+dfsg-2 all
php-redis/bookworm 6.0.1-1+0~20231006.53+debian12~1.gbpe91da2 amd64
php5.6-redis/bookworm 1:4.3.0-1+0~20230619.4+debian12~1.gbp77d8c5 amd64
php7.0-redis/bookworm 1:5.3.7-1+0~20230912.1+debian12~1.gbp41f5ba amd64
php7.1-redis/bookworm 1:5.3.7-1+0~20230912.1+debian12~1.gbp41f5ba amd64
php7.2-redis/bookworm 6.0.1-1+0~20231006.53+debian12~1.gbpe91da2 amd64
php7.3-redis/bookworm 6.0.1-1+0~20231006.53+debian12~1.gbpe91da2 amd64
php7.4-redis/bookworm 6.0.1-1+0~20231006.53+debian12~1.gbpe91da2 amd64
php8.0-redis/bookworm 6.0.1-1+0~20231006.53+debian12~1.gbpe91da2 amd64
php8.1-redis/bookworm 6.0.1-1+0~20231006.53+debian12~1.gbpe91da2 amd64
php8.2-redis/bookworm 6.0.1-1+0~20231006.53+debian12~1.gbpe91da2 amd64

On a Bookworm host with the Sury repo enabled:

% apt-show-versions -R mcrypt|grep php
php-mcrypt:amd64 not installed
php-mcrypt-all-dev:all not installed
php5.6-mcrypt:amd64 not installed
php5.6-mcrypt-dbgsym:amd64 not installed
php7.0-mcrypt:amd64 not installed
php7.0-mcrypt-dbgsym:amd64 not installed
php7.1-mcrypt:amd64 not installed
php7.1-mcrypt-dbgsym:amd64 not installed
php7.2-mcrypt:amd64 not installed
php7.2-mcrypt-dbgsym:amd64 not installed
php7.3-mcrypt:amd64 not installed
php7.3-mcrypt-dbgsym:amd64 not installed
php7.4-mcrypt:amd64 not installed
php7.4-mcrypt-dbgsym:amd64 not installed
php8.0-mcrypt:amd64 not installed
php8.0-mcrypt-dbgsym:amd64 not installed
php8.1-mcrypt:amd64 not installed
php8.1-mcrypt-dbgsym:amd64 not installed
php8.2-mcrypt:amd64 not installed
php8.2-mcrypt-dbgsym:amd64 not installed

This suggests that you could install it from Sury on any PHP version from 5.6 through 8.2.

The description from apt show php-mcrypt explains why you should not install any of them if you can avoid it.

Sorry, but you did the wrong search (is mcrypt, no mycrypt), here is the web address…

apt install php-mcrypt to install it then…